• Artist Statement

    Artist Statement

    My work is best described through a confluence of ideas, interwoven and at times contradictory. I make ceramic objects, environments, and dwellings as a way to explore utopian concepts and dreams. I’m interested in the different ways in which the objects and environments that surround us impact our lives, and am inspired by possibilities for progression and improvement. I believe the forms, surfaces and arrangements of objects in our physical world can have a direct impact on our mental space, and am drawn to explore the potentials of how formal qualities within our surroundings can alter both the physical and psychological spaces we occupy.

    As a creator I work out my ideas through process. The act of making provides a forum for me to think and reflect. Ideas function as a starting point; the time spent building forms, creating textures and establishing a relationship within their surroundings is where the body of the work comes to life. The play between the physical world and the dreamscapes I’m representing allow me to specifically investigate how different qualities in form and material speak to people’s psychological interpretations. All of my works contain an underlying utopian and surreal perspective meant to mirror and reflect life and society. The generation of my art allows the contrast between utopian visions and reality to be emphasized and illuminated while offering new perspectives and ideas for the future.